Practice the rhythmic movement continuously like a chain as the Buddha taught. Be aware of it at every moment; standing, walking, sitting, lying, bending or stretching.

When you practice the rhythmic movement; turning the palm up and down, raising the hand, lowering the hand, be aware. When you are nodding and raising your head, be aware; leaning to the left, leaning to the right, blinking the eyes, opening the mouth, breathing in and out, be aware. When thought arises, be aware. Be aware of the movements all the time Do not sit still.

This is the technique of cultivating self-awareness.

he essence of practice, a “handful leaves”* Dhamma, is being aware of the movement of the body and the movement of the mind.

I guarantee, if you practice continuously and seriously as I have taught, in at most three years, suffering will end. It may take only one year. For some people it may take only one to ninety days. The result is that suffering will decrease or cannot disturb you any more.