Cultivating Self-awareness in Daily Life

To cultivate self-awareness, we must practices as much as possible. We can practice even when we get in a car or on a bus.

While we are sitting on a bus or in a car, we lay our hand on the thing and turn the palm up and down, or we run the thumb over the fingertip, or we make a fist and open it repeatedly. Do it slowly and be aware.

Wherever or whenever you practice, take it easy like playing. Only move one hand at a time, do not move both hands at the same time. If you move the right hand, do not move the left hand. If you move the left hand, do not move the right hand.

Someone might say, “I am very busy. I do not have time to practice” or “I cannot do it, I am not pure enough.” They are excuses.

If we intend to do something, we can find time to do it. Whatever we do, be aware. For example, if you are a teacher, when you pick you a pen, pick it up with awareness. While you are writing, be aware.

This is the natural way of cultivating self-awareness, learning Dhamma with nature.

While you are having a meal: pick up the spoon, be aware; take the food into your mouth, be aware. While you are chewing food, be aware; swallowing food, be aware.