Practice Continuously Like a Chain.

I guarantee the teachings of the Buddha and the method I teach. I guarantee what I am saying, if you are serious enough and practice continuously like a chain or the hands of the clock that rotate all the time.

To practice continuously like a chain or like the rotating hands of the clock dose not mean that you have to cultivate self-awareness by doing rhythmic arm movement or walking back and forth all the time.

The word “to practice all the time” means to be aware while doing all daily tasks; washing clothes, sweeping floor, cleaning house, washing dishes, writing, or buying and selling, just be aware. This awareness will accumulate little by little like the raindrops fall into a good container and fill it to the brim.

When we walk forwards or backwards, move the hand in or out, be aware. When we go to bed, we can make a fist and open it repeatedly until we fall asleep. When we wake up, we should continue our practice. This is called cultivating self-awareness.