Address :  Wat Pa Sukato Moo 8, Ban Mai Thai Charon, Tha Mafai Wan Sub District,
                Kaengkhro District, Chaiyaphum Province, 36150 Thailand.

  Reach Sukato:

There is no train service to there.
   • Take a bus from Morchit Bus Station in Bangkok.
   • Choose the bus company called "Air Muang Lei" (In Thai: แอร์เมืองเลย), Ticket Booth
     #6-7 at Morchit, Tel: 02-9360142. Get off at "Amphor Keng Krow, Chaiyaphum."      (แก้งคร้อ ชัยภูมิ). The bus leaves every hour from 6.00 to 22.30. The ticket costs 310 Baht.
     It takes 6 hours.
   • From Keng Krow, you may take a motorcycle taxi to Wat Pa Sukato, Tha Mafai Wan.
     It should cost 200 Baht (day) and 250 Baht (night). Motorcycle taxi drivers wear
     bright-color vests and they are near where the bus drops you off. About 30 minutes to      Sukato.
   • Please arrive to Wat Pa Sukato before 5 PM.

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